avatarby John CallahamDecember 14, 20160 comments

Some Apple Watch owners are not happy this week. The latest watchOS update that was released on Tuesday has reportedly bricked many of Apple’s smartwatches, and as a result, the company has pulled the latest version, 3.1.1., from circulation.

According to MacRumors, most of the watches that were bricked were of the Apple Watch Series 2 model. Some of those owners have reported that after downloading the watchOS 3.1.1. update and installing it, the watch showed an icon of a red exclamation mark, along with a URL to get help for the device. That site told owners to try a forced restart of their Apple Watch by holding down the side button and the Digital Crown. If that does not work, that means the worst case scenario has happened. Apple’s site says that the watch will have to be taken to an authorized repair rep to be serviced.

Obviously, a bug managed to get through this latest watchOS update, and even though Apple pulled it just a few hours after it was released, that has to be little consolation for folks who now have to get their Apple Watch fixed. The big lesson here is that people should not immediately download the latest update for the watch just after it become available, and they should wait to see if any problems are reported before installing it.