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Along with the full screen Start page introduced in Windows 8, Microsoft launched a full screen method of running Windows apps as well. This meant that your favorite programs opened into a full screen view with limited re-sizing and multi-tasking capabilities. No more, as Windows 10 brings these apps back to standalone windows on your desktop.

There are many that could get by, even be productive on the full screen apps of Windows 8, but others, myself included, went so far as to avoid the operating system altogether. The limited multi-tasking capabilities were enough to need other software to remain operational. With Windows 10 re-introducing the windowed interface that made it famous in the first place, productivity, efficiency and that feeling of control return, and so will the users.

Windows 10 multiple apps in windows

Go ahead and open up your favorite Windows app. It may be Skype, Mahjong or Google Chrome, no matter what it is, it will either jump straight into a non-full screen window, or you will see the new arrow icon in the window controls to jump out of the restricting interface.

Windows 10 apps controls

If you liked the full screen methods of Windows 8, along with the split screen multi-window approach, don’t you worry, you can still use the apps in almost the same way as before. Windows 10 does not appear to fully support the Windows 8 split screen apps layout, but the standard split screen windows controls on the Desktop remain; yes, the same controls we’ve had for years.

Windows 10 half screen apps on desktop

You’ve seen these instructions before, simply click and drag the top bar of a window to a side edge of your display, it will jump to a half screen layout, drag a second window to the other side and you’ll have two apps evenly sized side-by-side. For those that are wondering what the big improvement is over Windows 8, the biggest thing is having access to your taskbar, and start menu, without having to leave the app.

I will applaud Microsoft for taking their drive for a touch and mobile friendly OS and holding it back just enough that the OS is still a tool worth installing on your PC. So far, Windows 10 is proving a very functional operating system, and thanks to the new windowed apps, I am giving Windows Apps a second chance to take up space on my hard drive.

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Did you come to love the Windows 8 full screen apps, or is the Windows 10 windowed app approach better for you?