avatarby John CallahamApril 11, 20170 comments

Today marks a beginning, as well as an end, for Microsoft’s Windows operating system. On the one hand, the company has officially begun rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update for free to all users of the PC OS. On the other hand, the company’s official support for the 10-year old Windows Vista ends today as well.

As noted by Microsoft in a blog post, today’s release of the Windows 10 Creators Update will bring a host of new features and improvements to the OS. That includes the new Paint 3D app that will allow anyone to quickly create or modify 3D models. It will also add Game Mode, which is designed to make any PC game run and perform faster by allocating more of a PC’s hardware resources to those titles. The update also includes a number of improvements to the Microsoft Edge web browser, a “night light” mode for reading on Windows 10 devices after dark and much more.

While Microsoft is celebrating the launch of the Windows 10 Creators Update, it is silently ending support today for Windows Vista. Microsoft had issues with Vista, also known by its codename Longhorn, even before it officially launched in January 2007. The original plan to introduce a new file system in Vista was canceled, and caused the OS itself to be delayed. When it finally was released, users immediately ran into issues with its high system requirements, along with missing or incomplete drivers on many PCs and third-party hardware. Those issues caused many users and businesses to keep the older Windows XP installed on their PCs for far longer than what Microsoft planned.

Today’s milestone for Windows Vista means that Microsoft will no longer offer any security or software patches for the OS. That should not affect too many people. According to the most recent PC OS market share numbers from Net Applications, Vista is still installed and working on less than one percent of all PCs worldwide.