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3D for everyone, gaming and communications are the name of the game in the recently announced Windows 10 Creators Update, a free upgrade coming to Windows 10 devices in the Spring of 2017.

Microsoft is on stage right now, the morning of October 26th, 2016, announcing this new OS and more. Stay tuned for more details from the event, including all the great Virtual Reality news coming from this event that we’ll cover on our partner site VRSoure.com.

What’s new in Windows 10 Creators Update

Again, Microsoft has three major focuses in the new update, 3D for Everyone is an initiative across apps and hardware to bring us out of our 2D world a little. Gaming brings new features and tools to your PC gaming experience and new communications tools can help you keep connected to family and friends.

3D for Everyone


The first focus of the new OS was on a 3D initiative with powerful new features in familiar apps to bring things to a new level of depth and interactivity.

Paint 3D is an update to one of the oldest photo editing programs around, we’ll be looking a little closer at it, but let me just say that 3D modeling, including the ability to capture 3D images from a companion app on your Windows Phone.

The on-stage example took a picture of people, cropped it and placed them onto a 3D model of the sandcastle they built. A semi-interactive 3D photo that can drop right into social media posts and more. Much more.

Head over to VR Source to see their Hololens example, in which this image from Paint 3D was a part. Then they pulled 3D models of chairs into their living room to see how they fit.

Powerpoint was also on stage, just an example of another program that can utilize these new 3D models, with animations and more to enhance the interactive experience of your slideshow.



After discussing some gaming history, the shift turned to in-game communications, with a focus on broadcasting,

Whether for entertainment or for research of a game, watching games online can be great, and now it’s even easier to broadcast yourself with a gaming service called Beam that will be built into Windows 10.¬†Allowing for interactive tools with viewers, who can make suggestions for actions and more. From your Xbox One console, Windows Phone or your PC, you can tune in to at least watch.


Groups of players can stick together in the included chat tools, with notifications and activity sharing in a controlled manner with friends. When you log in to play, your group can see that you are online and join you in your multi-player games and chat in the persistent chat window on screen.

Next up, you can set up major gaming events with friends, creating tournaments through a program called Arena. Set the tournament parameters, invite friends and allow Arena to tackle the hard work of registrations, stats tracking and more.

Xbox One S can get you started on these fun features today, no need to wait for the Windows 10 Creators Update in the 2017.



Spanning a great number of social and communications platforms and tools, Microsoft understands that many of us have only a small group of key persons that we communicate with the most. Sharing is made easier with these core people in Windows 10 Creators Update.

Drag and drop content onto profile images of your people in your taskbar. The new tool is essentially a single Windows tool that consolidates your preferred social and communications tools into a single window.

This one simple place will start with email, Skype, SMS through a connected Windows Phone, and Xbox chat in one tool. Receive all messages in and send out to any from one place. For those with a history in Linux, you might be familiar with this functionality with a similar, if not quite as robust tool baked into the desktop environment.

That’s the core of the new Windows 10 Creators Update, coming free to the over 400 million Windows 10 users out there today.

Stay tuned for more info from the Microsoft Windows 10 event, we’re still hoping for new hardware and more.