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If you work in an office, or are traveling for business a lot, sometimes you need to step away from your PC. This could lead to someone taking a look at personal or sensitive content displayed on your desktop or laptop screen. Now there’s word that Microsoft is working to offer some extra security when you leave your PC with a new Windows 10 feature called Dynamic Lock.

Windows Central reports that this feature is popping up in the latest Insider Preview builds of the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. It adds that internally, Microsoft refers to this feature as “Windows Goodbye”, a reference to the “Windows Hello” biometic security features that are already in Windows 10.

It’s not yet clear if Dynamic Lock uses features found in Windows Hello, such as facial recognition, to determine if the owner of a PC has stepped away. It’s possible that this could just be a rebranding of the old Windows feature that automatically locks a PC after a certain time period of inactivity. The report does say that Windows 10 is getting some Windows Hello improvements, such as more detailed camera previews when a user first sets up the facial recognition feature.

We should learn more about Dynamic Lock in the coming weeks and months ahead of the Windows 10 Creator Update launch, which is scheduled to happen sometime this spring as a free download for all current Windows 10 owners.