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The Windows RT platform has never been popular. While some famous tablets depend on RT, most computer companies avoided the unwanted operating system. With the launch of Windows 10, the fear that RT users would be left behind can be put to rest. While full integration won’t be possible, RT tablets will be able to receive an update that will include some Microsoft Windows 10 features.

Why did Microsoft create Windows RT in the first place? The company wanted to create a version of the Windows 8 operating system for ARM processes. It was intended to be a limited release, focusing on the Surface and Surface Pro tablets. Other popular devices that run on RT include Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga, the Dell XPS 10 and the Nokia Lumia 2520. These tablets will be able to get a makeover this fall when new software is expected to be released.

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As for the Surface line, Surface and Surface 2 won’t be able to transfer to Windows 10. They will receive the update with the Windows 10 features. The Surface Pro 3 and new Pro 4 will get Windows 10, which may be a relief to some Pro users.

Microsoft has not specified which Windows 10 features will be available for Windows RT OS. As the launch date gets closer, hopefully Microsoft will let people know exactly what upgrades they will be able to expect for their current operating systems.

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